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With more than 15 years of experience, multi million streams/views and multiple gold/platinum certifications, you are guranteed top quality productions.

Ready-To-Distribute product

At Gain Studio we are offering all three steps in making a composition: Production, Mixing and Mastering, so your product is ready to distributed.

Custom project?

No Problem at all, we offer services in many areas such as: Commercials, Film/TV, Sample Library or Sound design. Contact us and let us know your project.

Some of the artist projects GAIN STUDIO has been involved in:


Some of the Film/TV projects GAIN STUDIO has been involved in:

Kollision - Movie

Leo lives a comfortable life as the head of a large, successful company as well as in his marriage to Olivia and their two children. However, this changes drastically when tragic circumstances throw the family into a crisis. Leo and Olivia make the decision to get a divorce, which means that the couple's 9-year-old daughter Liv, in the midst of the couple's grief and breakup, turns into a toss-up between them.


Score Mixing Engineer / Assistent to Composer.

Mehdi Avaz


Sinful - Campaign

About campaign:

The cornerstone of the #LetsTalkAboutSex campaign is the communication universe. Getting people to talk more about sex.
   One of the ways Sinful is trying to get conversations started in relation to the campaign is to share interesting and hidden facts about people's sex lives in the different markets where the campaign is running.


Producing custom made music for campaign.



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Whether your project is in the concept stage or already has a creative brief, I will work together with you finding a solution.

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